SUP Yoga Booking is OPEN! 

              Namaste, fellow Yogi...   
The goodness in me sees the goodness in you.

Join us as we create a class to Relax, Restore and Revive. 

Apya classes and workshops are for everybody.

They are specially designed with modifications for all abilities including beginners and teenagers

all the way to the more advanced yogi.

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Booking is now open for Paddle Board Yoga....
19th June
3rd, 17th, 31st July


Spring is all about trying something new and enjoying life. Join us on the mat or on the water and bring a little joy!


All our classes end with a lovely relaxation. Here is one to try at home.


Our classes..

We have a firm belief that you cannot pour from an empty cup, therefore we need to look after ourselves in order to look after others.


In the simplest of terms.... 

Our newest adventure Paddle Board Yoga Join us as we challenge

ourselves in this AMAZING PRACTICE. Sun, (hopefully) water,

incredible surroundings and a beautifully led yoga practice.

Both Monique and Jay are also qualified Paddlesport Instructors.

Gentle and Nourishing Flow (Restorative) These classes combine all the best elements and styles of yoga with much more emphasis on relaxing and letting go. This is a class everyone needs and everyone can do! It is gentle and mindful full of short flows you can practice at home. Moving in and out of a pose creating balance, harmony and strength. RELAX, RESTORE, REVIVE.

Gentle and Nourishing Yoga (Yin inspired) This is an incredible practice that reaches into the core of your body, a class encouraging you to switch off those muscles in long held poses gain flexibility, and of course peace of mind. The perfect tool to counteract a busy life and one full of sport and the gym. From working into the shoulders to release tension from long hours slumped over a desk or poses designed to restore those hamstrings from time spent running or cycling. This really is YOGA FOR GOOD HEALTH.

Pregnancy Yoga We are exceptionally pleased to now offer these very special classes.

Suitable for all stages of pregnancy. We move with awareness, creating strength

when needed as well as relaxation and connection during this challenging and

nurturing time. Book at

Mother and Baby Yoga This wonderful class is about starting to feel yourself again,

a little gentle exercise and time with your little one to connect and interact with

no distractions from the outside world.

At Apya Yoga we use all techniques at our disposal creating the perfect class just for you. We weave gentle Flow and Yin poses together to ensure a relaxing and restorative class in the early evening.  Classes are not rigid as we often take our lead from you, if we notice you need extra care we will adapt the class as we go ensuring the best class outcomes for everyone. We are just guiding you in this wonderful practice sure to have you ready for what life brings your way.



- you, soon

Why We Practice Yoga

and why you should, too

"Feel the chaos and the worries flow out of your body, out of your mind." Swami Niranjananda.

If any one sentence can sum up why I do yoga this would be it.

We all come to the mat from a different place but we all leave feeling the same way.... just a little lighter.

Everyone Feels this way....


I roll out my mat and quickly look around A familiar face cant even be found. All these people sitting and waiting
Whilst I am seriously anticipating.Teacher starts to talk, something about breath I must admit I’m frightened to death.

She suddenly moves her hand on my neck Relax she says, I’m trying…bloomin heck! We begin to move and it feels pretty good
Others are breathing slow, maybe I should. Its simple at first but now she got me thinking Should my hand and toe be linking?

Some things are so far from my reach But I suppose that’s good, or else what would she teach?

My body is aching and moaning somewhat Is it me or is this room getting rather hot. I’m moving and breathing through my nose
My god can I really not touch my toes! There’s downward dog and something about a tree

Im not sure this yoga stuff is going to suit me.

I can do this I think, oh hang on I’ve fell Is this really yoga or am I in hell? But soon I feel a buzzing, inside and out
My goodness that chair pose has some clout! We’re twisting, releasing and letting go Into savansathingy…god I don’t know.

So many new words and a heart all a flutter Its does seem though that my minds lost some clutter.

I walk out the room feeling less like I creek That was great I say….see you next week!

Have a Go

Yoga has so many benefits on so many different levels, for so many people; young and old, flexible or not, gym bunnies or couch potatoes, recovering from illness or fit as a fiddle... 

It can increase fitness, improve flexibility and general health, and help reduce stress, frustration, and anxiety. Everyone can benefit from attending yoga classes. 

Yoga classes include physical postures, breathing exercises, meditation, inward attention, and self-knowledge. All of which help balance, strengthen, and restore the body and nervous system.

Childs Pose

Balasana. This pose is amazing if you’re finding yourself in a place where you have many thoughts swirling around in your head.

Taking time to rest in your practice may actually help you to cultivate the ability to take time out in your everyday life. You may find that you are better able to stop and re-charge your batteries. I always find that it is amazing how much my life on the mat mirrors my life off of the mat, and vice versa.

If you are looking to cultivate a better relationship with resting in your life, we highly recommend Child’s Pose and other resting postures on the mat.




Balance takes stamina and determination.

Consider giving love and receiving love…

You may need support to start with.

Consider being available and creating boundaries… 

Balance improves with practice.

Consider the things you enjoy and the things you have to do… 

Avoid those distractions that make you lose your focus.

Consider being sociable and being alone… 

Keep calm and breathe.

Consider pushing yourself and enjoying the ride… 

Balance is key.

And remember, you’ll get it wrong sometimes. Sometimes you’ll lose your balance. Sometimes you’ll wobble. Sometimes you’ll fall. Sometimes you’ll fail.

At those times, on and off the mat, be kind to yourself. Be patient with yourself.

Balance will come.

Sleeping Swan...

The perfect pose for letting go.

From Table Top, bring your right foot behind the left hand and the right knee behind the right hand, now extend the left leg behind you, your hips heading for the ground. If you have trouble with your knees move your right foot towards the groin. Once you are settled, slowly lower your upper body, maybe making a pillow with your arms. Breathe and relax. Repeat on the other side. As your breath slows the tension will start to leave your body, swallowed up into the earth beneath you. Let it seep away.


"Nothing is permanent in this world, not even our troubles." Charlie Chaplin



Yoga is new for me. Circuit classes are my speciality but it has taken its toll on my body & I needed a form of exercise that would help me to stretch out those tired muscles. I also have an ongoing problem with my gait. Have been to a couple of group classes with Jay & Monique - both thoroughly enjoyable. The ladies are very professional & encourage you to move your body in different ways that you never thought possible but also ensure you only go as far as your body can take you. One to one lessons with Monique have been fabulous - she provides a session that focuses on the parts that need the help, improving my posture, aches & pains. Apya yoga is fab 🧘‍♀️


I’ve been doing Yoga with Jay for 5 months since having my second baby. I 100% recommend the class for some postnatal movement, she really helped me during lockdown to have an hour for me each week. Jay is genuinely interested in how you are feeling and was happy to tailor the class to my body that day. I really look forward to attending each week whether live in their gorgeous venue in Alderley Edge or on Zoom during lockdown 2. Monique and Jay’s classes have a friendly and relaxed atmosphere; COVID measures are in place, everybody is made to feel welcome. They are positive beautiful people inside and out!


Great restorative yoga class. As a complete beginner I find the classes easy to follow and the teachers are friendly and welcoming. The classes definitely improve my flexibility and reduce soreness and stiffness.

5 Stars!